Illustration and Graphic Design by Lowell Pettit
The Lady Winter - Spring 2002

May 10, 2002 - May 26, 2002

By Paula Stevens
Produced and Directed by Stephen Michael Rondel

Our fantastical family series continued with a heartwarming tale of loneliness, everlasting friendship, and love. Inspired by the Hans Christian Anderson story, young Gertie must find her best friend Jay before he spends all eternity lost under a spell. It was a world of adventure as entertaining and familiar as New York City.

"A heartwarming story of loneliness, everlasting friendship and love"
- about 2002's Lady Winter
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Shon Arieh-Lerer
*Lisa Baylin
*Robin Bloodworth
Jonathane Lewis
Molly Lloyd
*Derek Manson
Alice Rothman-Hicks
*Robin Roy
*Paula Stevens

*Appeared courtesy of Actors' Equity Association
Set & Lighting Designer: Roz Fulton
Costume Designer: Alyson Hargrove
Scenic Designer & Art Design: Lowell Pettit
Composer & Sound Designer:
Andrew Sherman
Photography: Jeff Cate
Stage Manager: Monica Flory