Illustration and Graphic Design by Margeaux Lucas

Photo by sarabrown

Photo by sarabrown
Alice in Wonderland - Spring 2008

April 25, 2008 - May 17, 2008

A New Play by Monica Flory
Directed by Gregg Bellon

An outrageous Pop-Up adaptation of the Lewis Carroll classic. Imagine Alice, 7 years old, born and raised in today's Greenwich Village, New York City. From the moment she wakes up until she rests her weary head, her parents over schedule and manage her day. With Architecture, Piano, Book Club, French and Ballet classes overwhelming her, Alice has forgotten what it is like to be a child and simply play. Will her journey through Wonderland help her reclaim her childhood or is Alice destined to become an adult way before her time?

The New York Times raves that The New Acting Company is
"scrupulously faithful...completely original...and will easily appeal to theater goers!"
- Laurel Graeber of The New York Times, 2008 Alice in Wonderland
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Photo by sarabrown

Photo by sarabrown

Starring: Zoe Frazer as Alice
Adam R. Deremer
Michelle Matlock
J.T. Michael Taylor
Juliette Crellin
Maxine Dannatt
Theo Klein
Eleen Swanson
Charlotte Williams
Technical Director, Lighting and Set Design: Gregg Bellon
Costume Designer: Mark Salinas
Choreography: Daniella Rabbani
Art Design: Margeaux Lucas
Company Coach: Carrie Heitman
Photography: Sara Brown
Stage Manager: Jenny Lazar