The New Acting Company needs your financial help to cover the extra cost not covered by tuition!

With the generous support of families like you, we can begin to develop an operating fund to help keep tuition and ticket sales at a fair market rate.

Please say, "Yes! I want to support the New Acting Company"

Any amount you can offer is greatly appreciated and completely tax deductible! For example, $50 buys stage make-up, personal props and script copy for one student. $100 pays for curtain repairs and cleaning. $250 covers the cost of a full costume. $500 buys a new light partial, set piece or a box of programs. $1000 or more makes you an honorary NAC member.

We at The New Acting Company would like to thank you for the continued opportunity to educate your children in theater arts. We truly enjoy our everyday experiences with your family and strive to continue to enhance your child's developmental experience both socially, and artistically. With your help, we hope to have a long future with you and all future "acting" generations to come.

Email your donation request and phone number to Someone will call you back shortly to process your generous gift.

Registration Guidelines and Links

Registration forms for current and upcoming semesters are now being accepted!

Download Registration Form Here

Program Information:

How do I register for a class?
Download the registration form on this page or on our Classes and Camp page.  

Email the completed registration form to and someone will call you to finalize your registration with a payment via credit card. Mastercard, Visa and American Express accepted.

Due to the increasing popularity of our courses, payment in full (or other deposit arrangements approved by the Executive Director) must be received in order to reserve a space in class. Once the class limit is reached, class will be closed and a waiting list will be created.

In other words, REGISTER EARLY!

When does the semester start?
Dates and times vary annually.
Performances and demonstrations always occur during the last week of the semester.  Signing up for any class means you are making a commitment to be available for demonstrations and performances during the last week of the semester. If you are unable to make this commitment, do not sign up for a class. Students who break this policy will not be asked to return the following semester.

What is the cancellation policy?
*All classes have a $100.00 cancellation fee which are non-refundable. *Refund Policy = full refund if class is canceled. *Refund, less $100.00, anytime through first class. *NO REFUNDS AFTER FIRST CLASS.

What if I am dissatisfied with my child's role?
Size or nature of roles are at the professional discretion of our instructors. All roles provide a valuable learning experience. No refunds granted due to dissatisfaction with assigned role.

What is the sign-out & late pick-up policy?
NY State law requires all persons over the age of 18 to carry photo id AT ALL TIMES. Parents, for the safety of your children, please have all caregivers follow these important rules. Only an authorized person can sign-out a child. All authorized persons should be written on the registration form. If someone arrives to sign-out a child whom the teacher is not familiar with, that person will be asked to show I.D. in order to verify that they listed as an authorized sign-out person. If they do not have I.D. or an authorized adult comes to sign out the child, the student must remain with the teacher until the parents are contacted and verbal authorization for their child to be released.
First late arrival constitutes a warning, after that a charge of $15 for every 15 minutes late will charged.